Building email templates

In this guide, we will focus on a simple email template, without any additional formatting.

The send an email action in your workflow allows you to choose what email contents you want. Using the Subject and Message fields, you can make these as simple or as complex as your needs.

Sending simple messages

Add a Text content block to the current template you want to send and any text you require, and Swoop will send that email whenever the workflow triggers.

Adding dynamic data to messages

Often, it's useful to see more information in the message about what triggered this workflow - for example, the name of a newly created product, or the shipping address for an order.

This can be done by adding dynamic data to your subject and message. To find out more, read through our adding dynamic data guide.

Styling your messages

Once the content of the message has been created, we can then add any styling that we require to the message. Below, we change the background colour to white, and make the text bold.

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