Refining your Trigger using conditions

When you add conditions to your Trigger, you can fine-tune your workflows so that they are only triggered under specific conditions.

For example, you might want to have a workflow which triggers when a new order is created containing a product with a specific title.

Understanding the condition options

Each available trigger comes with its own set of options for the conditions. For example, if you have a workflow which is triggered when a new order is created, then in the Conditions (optional) panel, you'll be able to choose from various attributes about that Order, such as the customer email.

The options may also be formatted in very specific ways. For example, if you want to trigger a workflow when a new order is created which was placed with a specific currency, it's important to know that the currency will be formatted using a three-letter code (such as USD for US Dollars).

You can find details of all the different options available for each trigger type in our Understanding trigger properties documentation.

Adding a condition to a trigger

If you only provide one condition for the criteria, then the workflow will trigger when that one condition is met.

Once you have chosen a field to check, you can provide a value that you want to compare the field to, and an operator which determines how you want the comparison to be performed.

For example, you could choose to check that the "order subtotal amount" is over 100.

Adding multiple conditions to a trigger

You can provide multiple conditions for the trigger. If you do, you can also choose whether all conditions need to be met, or if any one of them is met.

Let's think back to our example from Building your first workflow. We wanted to alert our team when a product was created which exactly matched all the conditions, so we used When all conditions match.

If, instead, we had wanted to alert the team when a product was created which matched any of the conditions (one or more), then we would have used When any conditions match.

Expert usage

If you're familiar with more in-depth technical concepts such as JSON, and you want even finger grained control over your criteria, check out the guide on using the expert editor.

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