Understanding trigger properties

Workflows allow you to choose from a number of different triggers - such as when a new order is created, when a new product is created, or when a dispute is raised.

Each different trigger also has a collection of extra information that comes with them. For example, when a new order is created, we receive information about the order number, the line items, and even information about who placed the order. These bits of information are called properties.

Trigger properties unlock some powerful capabilities in Swoop, such as:

Properties for each trigger type

Different triggers have different properties. You can find information about the different properties, what they're for, and what format they are in, below.

Trigger category Trigger types Trigger properties

A new order is created

An order is cancelled

An order is fulfilled

An order is updated

An order is paid

View the Order documentation
Product A new product is created View the Product documentation
Refund A new refund is created View the Refund documentation
Inventory levels An inventory level is updated View the Inventory Level documentation
Shopify Payment disputes

A new dispute is raised

A dispute is updated

View the Payment Disputes documentation

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