The Staff app

The Staff app allows you and your team to see and interact with the tasks that have been created for your store. You can assign tasks to yourself to let others know you're working on them, mark tasks as completed, and view tasks by team. You can also enable push notifications so you get a message every time a new tasks arrives when you're not using the app directly.

Home screen

When you open the Staff app, you’ll be shown an overview of the task lists for your store and how many tasks there are.

From here, you can click or tap to view specific Task lists, such as those “Assigned to you” or for a specific team.

Key Areas

  1. Task lists
    1. All Tasks shows all open tasks for the store.
    2. Assigned to you shows open tasks currently assigned to you.
    3. Teams shows open tasks for each team that have been configured in the Taskr Admin.
  2. The number of open tasks in each task list.
  3. Home. Return to this Home screen at any time.
  4. Menu. Navigate to areas of the app quickly, including Settings and Signing Out.

Task lists

Tasks are grouped into different lists, which you can access from the Overview or Menu. These include:

  • All tasks - The open tasks for your store
  • Assigned to you - The open tasks assigned to you
  • Team lists - The open tasks for the given team

Regardless of which task list you’re looking at, the view is very similar and when you tap on one of the tasks in the task list, will open the Task details.

Key Areas

  1. Type. The type of the task, one of Order, Customer, or Product.
  2. Subject. The name of the resource in Shopify which this task relates to, e.g. the product name or order number.
  3. Label. An indicator of the action required for the task. This is set when when configuring the Create a Task action in Shopify Flow
  4. Load More recent tasks if there are any.

Task details

When you open a task, you’ll see the details needed to handle the task. Depending on task type, you’ll see different information - all in a very similar layout.

Examples of Customer, Order, and Product task details.

Key Areas

  1. Overview. Shows the type, subject, and label, of the task as well as the assigned user and current status.
  2. Action buttons. Allows you to take ownership of the task and close it.
  3. Task Details. A set of details about the subject. These vary between Customer, Order, and Product tasks.

💡 If you would like some more information adding to any of the task details sections, let us know at

Closing tasks

When you close a task, you’ll be presented with either the default “Close” option, or one of the outcomes which the task was created with.

The outcomes that are used are set when configuring the Create a Task action in Shopify Flow.

Enhanced Outcomes

👋 Enhanced Outcomes are only available on our Enhanced and Enterprise plans.

When a task is closed, you can trigger new workflows. This can lead to some powerful automations between your Shopify store and your staff as well as between different staff teams. Find out more about Enhanced Outcomes.

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